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5% OFF All Orders over $500 - Use Coupon: TODAY

How to get a FREE trampoline

How to get a FREE trampoline


READ THIS CAREFULLY! It works! This answer might surprise you, but convince your parents to get you one! It is the BEST time to buy RIGHT NOW, trampolines are up to 40% OFF during Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Week. Here is how to do it:


Step 1: Understand your parent’s view

Your parents love you and they want you to be happy and healthy. They hate seeing you watching TV, gaming or even use your smartphone. Any indoor activity that wasn’t there when they were young, is bad in their eyes. They love seeing you being outdoor, being active - like in the “good old days” when there was no internet. 😂😜😎 And, what a coincidence, a trampoline is THE perfect outdoor activity!


Step 2: Plant the idea

Know anyone in the neighborhood who has a trampoline? Great! Spend some time there and make sure to let your parents know how much fun you’re having there being outdoor all day long. Try not to show too much interest in any indoor activities such as such as PlayStation and TV on days you spend time outside. It’s ok to be tired after a long exhausting day trampolining. 

Don’t know anyone with a trampoline? Show interest in any other outdoor activities instead but mention how cool trampolines are. Maybe even ask them to go to a trampoline park with you. Family activities - they love that!


Step 3: Prepare and choose one

Prepare and find out which trampoline you want. Actually, choose two – the one you really want and a cheaper option to give them a choice that matches their budget best.

You're lucky, it's Winter Sale and all trampolines are discounted.


Step 4: Tell them

Now tell them. Tell them how great it would be to have a trampoline and that you really would love to have one.

Also tell the, about the crazy sales going on right now. Smart buyers buy off season, now is the low season for all outdoor products which drives the prices down. In addition to that: Black Friday is coming up and sales start on Nov 19th! 

Stock will be low after Black Friday and many products will be sold out for Christmas. 

Also we have amazing support and we're happy to help them should they have any questions!