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Buyer's guide for the best trampolines

So, how to choose the best trampolines?

We know it’s hard choosing the best trampolines for your family as a beginner, that’s why we’ve written this guide to help you choose the most suitable trampolines. Before we start to introduce the difference of trampolines, you get to ask yourself some vital questions.

  • What is the purpose of trampoline, fitness or simply for fun?
  • What is the weight of the player(s)?
  • How old is the player(s)?

 After taking account of the age and the weight, and if it is likely to change, such as children growing, always make sure to choose the trampolines with strength.

Frame: the basis of a good trampoline

A cheap trampoline often has a frame constructed of cheaper materials. Is the frame fetched on the inside and on the outside? This means that a strong rustproof layer has been applied to the frame. This is an important indicator for a trampoline that lasts a long time. The greater the tube diameter and wall thickness, the better the quality of the frame and the longer the trampoline will last. Each our trampoline frame is equipped with several strong connection pins. The advantage of this is that the connection pins connect all the component parts together. Moreover, the legs underneath the trampoline do not fall off when the trampoline is moved from A to B.

Protective edge: essential safety

The protective edge is the edge of the trampoline (often green) that covers the springs. The thicker and wider the stuffing or padding of the protective edge, the better it will protect you if you accidentally make a wrong jump.

Springs: perfectly adjusted

Our trampoline springs are specially designed for children, however, they are also safe for adults. Children often weigh much less than adults, so to ensure that children are still able to jump without tiring easily.

To ensure that the springs are safe for adults, they are very strong and made of thick wire. Did you know that just one spring can support 50 kg?

Jumping mat: the more stitches, the more safety

The jumping mat has triangular eyes for the spring attachment. The more frequent the mat has been stitched through, the safer and more durable it is.

After some knowledge of trampoline's structure, let's go through the fun part:


 Shapes of trampolines

Circular or round

This shape is the most popular, and these are good trampolines for families with children. The bounce on a round trampoline is not as strong as a rectangular trampoline due to the way the springs all point to the center. This makes it an ideal trampoline for younger users. Round trampolines often come with netting around the edges to provide a safe jumping environment for the users.

Rectangle or square

Rectangular shaped trampolines are commonly used in competitive sporting, as these offer the best quality of bounce needed for athletes to achieve high jumps. These types are better for users who some experience in using trampolines and have more advanced technique. Children's trampolines are often square shaped with a small bar for support.


This shape is least common, but due to the nature of the springs, the tension for the user is placed evenly which produces a very good bounce. Inexperienced users will be less likely to be thrown off balance with an even tension.


Trampolines of this shape are similar to circular ones in the fact that the bounce will be light and easy in the middle of the trampoline. Bouncing towards the edge of the trampoline becomes more difficult, such trampolines are better suited to users with some experience in jumping techniques.

 If the you are using the trampoline to practice jumping, then the right shaped would be a rectangular trampoline as these are designed to offer more lift and in general are more durable. If the user will only use the trampoline for playing on or light exercise, then a circular trampoline is likely to be a better option.



It comes down to personal preference when selecting a trampoline, but the advice given in this guide will help making the decision a little easier. The advantages of using bouncy trampoline are endless when it comes to looking for outdoor toys and activities for the family. The range of trampolines is ever expanding and evolving online, and bouncy trampoline is the perfect place to browse the range of brands from the comfort of home