5% OFF All Orders over $500 - Use Coupon: TODAY

5% OFF All Orders over $500 - Use Coupon: TODAY

Rectangle Trampolines

Pros of a Rectangle Trampoline:

The best bounce: With the equal distribution of the force of each jump, the rectangle trampoline provides the opportunity to achieve optimum bounce, which is far better than the bounce compared to round types. The high bounce and jump that permits all types of stunts makes it the preferred choice for athletes and gymnasts.

Thick construction: The rectangle trampoline has a thick steel construction that can withstand the rebound impact even when used by multiple users. This heavy, sturdy construction gives the product a solid structure 

Large jumping surface: The trampoline provides more space for the jumper to performs variations to the jump and other tricks. Its multiple bounce zones distributed across the jump mat gives it the superior bounce performance.