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Water Trampoline vs. Water Bouncer?

Ever wondered about the difference between a water trampoline and a water bouncer?

Well, that's an important question! Let's see:

A water trampoline has a jump surface supported by a steel frame and trampoline springs. A water bouncer has a jump surface supported by a spring-less interlocking webbing connected from the floatation tube to the jump surface.

So that means for the everyday usage:

A water trampoline can support heavier loads on the jump surface and will provide a higher jump than a water bouncer. Unlike the bouncer, a water trampoline requires assembling the framed jump surface. This will take about 30 minutes additional set-up time.

A water bouncer is a great family recreational product and costs less than a water trampoline. It will support a good amount of weight and will provide a short bounce. A bouncer does not require any assembly other then inflating and anchoring.  

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